Hi Guys!

Welcome to my new website which is fully devoted to fashion. The purpose of this site is to keep in one place all my fashion-related projects, help you to achieve a great look with minimal effort, and simply have fun!

Before I launched my new website I did a Q&A session on Instagram and the majority of questions were obviously related to fashion. I try to answer some of them in this post!

How did you decide to be in the fashion industry?

To be honest, I did not decide. It was a natural part of my childhood to play with my Barbies (I had 11 of them ) where I would sew clothes for them and afterward create various outfits. I could play for hours either alone or with my friends, and if I can tell you a secret the last Barbie I bought for myself was when I turned 14!

From a very young age, I was watching all fashion shows available at that time on the Fashion TV channel, and when I went to university and was forced to go to the clubs with commercial music, I usually sneaked out to watch fashion shows that were displayed on big screens in the separate rooms of the club.

In my house, you could find pieces of paper where I was drawing models wearing different types of clothes. In general, the thing for fashion runs in my family since my mother and grandmother were real fashionistas.  We had always plenty of clothes in the house, including tons of bags, hats, and shoes and my mum always had a problem getting rid of this stuff. Even if she would not wear some things as they were too small, they were also too pretty to give away.

I began a more serious fashion adventure when I moved to Budapest, 12 years ago. I started to attend fashion weeks here, and many fashion events that also led to expanding my network. I took part in Berlin Fashion Week, Pitti Uomo, and Cracow Fashion Week where I was on the media council. I did also a project for Google Local Guides which technically was my first fashion tour. For several years I have been a fashion mentor for the young and emerging designers in European Fashion Accelerator, and currently, I am a fashion consultant and I provide personal styling services for individuals.

In 2019 I officially started doing fashion tours with my clients, providing them also styling advice on the spot. After having my first experiences with clients who have different sizes and learning about their daily struggles with choosing the right outfit, I decided to launch a new website that is fully devoted to fashion.  I am going to share with you my knowledge and provide you with information about my styling services.

Do you have favorite fashion brands?

Of course, I do! To your surprise, my wardrobe has a very limited amount of clothes as over the years I became a minimalist. Usually, you find in my wardrobe clothes from brands such as Vero Moda, Only, Vila, and COS, to some unknown small Spanish brands! I am in love with Spanish fashion, and every time I visit this country I am always hunting for some dresses! Usually with bold colors and patterns.

I like a lot some of the French brands like Rouje, Sandro Paris, or La Semaine Paris. I am totally crazy about all Zimmermann dresses and Ulla Johnson is my latest discovery. I want to have absolutely everything from her collections!



Which parameters do you consider to assume in a fashion style as “old or “new”?

I left this question as the last one to answer since I consider it a super important one. Let me quote here Albert Elbaz who was an Israeli fashion designer and the creative director of Lanvin in Paris.

Style is the only thing you can’t buy. It’s not in the shopping bag, a label, or a price tag. It’s something reflected from our soul to the outside world – an emotion.

I can’t agree more with this sentence. For me, personal style is something very individualistic and none of the latest trends would ever change that. Style is a manifestation of your personality, your mood, and your nature. Many people blindly follow the latest trends, completely forgetting about their real needs. Primarily, clothes should be considered as your second skin, that’s why is so important to feel comfortable wearing them.

The only thing that I would pay attention to is to select the right size and cut that fits your body type. The rest is playing with different colors, and patterns or finding some unique accessories such as shoes, bags,  jewelry, or hats that will define your look.

I hope you will share with me your personal fashion stories and help me to build a nice community on this platform. Feel free to share your comments!

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