During my last fashion tour I was shopping with my client – a petite woman. This tour inspired me to write a separate post about petite women’s challenges when finding appropriate clothes for their size. Petite sizes are designed for women 162 cm and under, regardless of their size. In this category, sizes range from extra-small to plus-size, and clothes are characterized by having shorter sleeves, hemlines inseams, and rises.

For some of my female clients, it is a big challenge to find clothes in small sizes that would fit their bodies. The most problematic part of their bodies seems to be hips and finding jeans/trousers that would fit. Fortunately, more and more shops offer nowadays petite sizes, and clothes usually have a “P” label to illustrate a smaller and proportioned fit.

What to Wear for Petite Sizes?

The most important is finding your optimal fit! Jeans are always a good idea, especially the high.- rise denim, that highlights your waist and provides definition and balance to your ensemble.

With my client, we visited a Mango store in Madrid, where luckily we manage to find an XS size. I have paired high-rise jeans with a tweed cardigan and pointy-toe flats.


As a second option, I decided to keep the bottom but add some layers on the top. We found an XS t-shirt and combined it with a fitted vest.


Layers work wonders when styling petite-size outfits, but make sure they won’t swallow up your petite frame. Avoid very long coats, oversized clothes, or jeans/trousers which shorten your legs.

When it comes to accessories we have selected small bags in two colors black and pink as we didn’t want to overpower the frame. The tweed cardigan with gold buttons and flats with gold massive buckles gave extra glam to the outfit.




If you are looking for petite clothes, check out the below brands!


Top Shop


Paige Denim



River Island


New Look


Friday Petite

Reve the Label

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to finding suitable clothes?

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