I started my fashion journey around 11 years ago when I established my website devoted to Budapest and its fashion scene. I was one of the first bloggers covering the Hungarian fashion scene in English at that time. I started to attend fashion weeks and fashion events in Budapest which helped me to expand my network and learn more about Hungarian fashion. Some years after I started to attend other fashion weeks in Europe, like Berlin Fashion Week, Pitti Uomo, and Cracow Fashion Week where currently I am one of the media jury members.

In 2017,  Budapest became a hot spot for digital nomads, and many foreign media started to write about this city. Since that year I have been inquired for shop recommendations and local fashion scene commentary by foreign media such as BBC Travel, Culture Trip, or C-Head magazine. That was also a year when I did a project for Google Local Guides, where we shot a short video devoted to fashion boutiques in Budapest, which were known mostly to locals. Technically it was my first fashion tour and also an impulse to continue this project in other forms. When in 2018 I joined the European Fashion Accelerator project, where I supported young, and emerging fashion designers from Visegrad countries with brand building, I also got to know more talented designers that I could recommend later to my new clients.

After years of actively exploring the Hungarian fashion scene, in 2019 I decided to organize fashion tours in Budapest, where I would accept a maximum of 2 people, to provide a personal experience.  Before each tour I would send a short form with questions devoted to personal style, the occasion someone is looking for clothes, or the store preferences. I would then customize the tour and select the best fashion boutiques in town, making sure my client would find this tour exciting and helpful. During each tour, I would provide styling advice and further recommendations about the outfit according to their body type and personal style. The other positive aspect of this tour was the possibility to provide more information about Hungarian designers and also recommend cool places in the city, including bars, restaurants, and hang-out spots.

Tours became highly popular and also my friends started to ask me to go with them for a shopping and help them to select outfits for various occasions. In February 2023 I moved to Madrid where I continue my fashion tours. It was never a secret that I am in love with Spanish fashion and each time when I came back from my trips to Madrid, Sevilla, Barcelona, or even Conil I would always bring some colorful clothes, shoes, or bags. Nowadays, it makes me even more happy and exciting to have fashion tours in Madrid, since there are unlimited possibilities when it comes to finding interesting clothes. However, after following various groups and forums in Spain, I have realized that many people simply don’t know where to shop. They avoid entering small fashion boutiques because they are afraid that prices will be too high, or clothes will be too extravagant. Nothing could be further from the truth! Spain has a lot of local brands that manufacture clothes here too. A lot of clothes are made out of high-quality fabric, such as organic cotton, linen, or silk, also the price tag is much lower than in other Western countries. Recently I have created a pdf with curated fashion boutiques in Madrid for both men and women, which is a perfect solution for those who don’t want to waste their time strolling around the city.

During the past few years, I met many people who shared with me their struggles with choosing the right outfit, and also lack of choices when it comes to different sizes. While big fashion stores have relatively wide offers when it comes to sizes or designs, it feels that there is a bit of chaos and sometimes it’s hard to navigate through. I think it could be beneficial for bigger department stores to hire fashion stylists who could help clients to choose the right clothes and also provide a few styling tips and tricks.

What do you think about this solution?

What is your biggest fashion struggle? 


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