Exploring the vibrant local fashion scene in Portugal has always been a passion of mine, but my latest adventure to Lisbon and, notably, Ericeira, has truly expanded my fashion horizons. Living by the ocean, like in Ericeira, presents unique sartorial challenges compared to city life in Madrid, where I’m based.

The coastal climate is a playful mix – warm and breezy during the day, yet often welcoming strong winds and a significant temperature drop by evening. Mornings are typically misty with a fresh chill in the air. This unique environment has given rise to a variety of surf-inspired fashion brands in Ericeira. These brands skillfully combine aesthetic appeal with functionality, offering comfort and protection against the whims of the ocean climate.

Surf-style clothing here is designed with multiple purposes in mind. It caters to varying needs: from heat retention or dispersion, ease of movement, tactile comfort, and durability to environmental sustainability. While not all brands tick every box, many excel in offering a blend of practicality and style. From weather-resistant fabrics to eco-friendly materials, Portuguese surf fashion is as versatile as it is stylish, reflecting the dynamic nature of ocean living.

One of the most well-known sports brands are  Quiksilver and Billabong. Although you could spot these brands in Ericeira quite easily, there were also a few local stores that provided surf-inspired clothing like Doghouse, Wavegliders, or 58Surf. I have prepared for you a few fashion mood boards, including clothes from mentioned stores.


Jacket Doghouse, Bikini Top Wavegliders, Sweatpants Quiksilver, Sneakers Reebok, Bag Billabong



Blouse 58Surf, Bikini Top Billabong, Shorts Levis,  Sandals Manebi, Sunglasses Fora


Sweatshirt Quiksilver,  Shorts Wavegliders, Shoes Adidas, Sunglasses Quiksilver



Trousers Billabong, T-shirt Wavegliders, Hoodie Wavegliders, Sandals 58Surf

Other local Portuguese brands are worth checking, like La Paz, or ISTO.


La Paz


Mustique is another slow fashion, Portuguese brand offering day-to-night, gender-neutral clothes. Their unisex pieces are dynamic, creative, and colorful!

What’s your favorite style in fashion? Do you like surf-inspired clothing?

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