In the heart of Madrid, a revolutionary concept is changing how women experience the intimate world of bras. Imagine a space where each woman receives undivided attention, ensuring the elusive quest for the perfect bra becomes a personalized journey. Welcome to the Bra Per Appointment shop world, where every bra fitting is not just a service but a celebration of comfort, confidence, and self-expression.

I recently interviewed Teresa, the owner of this place, who shared her vision of promoting the importance of well-fitted bras and her future plans.

What was the first impulse to start your bra business?
I started the bra business because I have a bra size that is not very common and I always had a really hard time finding a bra that fit me. I wear a 30G and most companies start their bras at 32, which is 2 inches larger. So for me, the business started out of a necessity that I had to fit my own
Why is it so important to find a proper bra for women? Does it depend on age or it is equally important for all women? 
It's hard to believe it until you experience it but the right size bra for your body can be life-changing. It changes the way your figure looks in your clothes, it helps with better posture and it is so much more comfortable. For us busty gals it is especially important to have a good sports bra. Believe it or not, I wasn't able to run or do jumping jacks until I found the right sports bra. So it's even a health issue.
I think it's important for all women over a B cup to have proper support, but it's especially important as we age and gravity is pulling our breast tissue down. Having the right bra can help to keep our breast tissue in the right place and lessen the natural effects of gravity that come with age. In addition, as we get older comfort becomes even more important. A nice, well-fitting bra makes you so much more comfortable.
I do one on one bra fittings and I sell the bras at the fitting. I can also do small groups for sisters, mothers and daughters, friends or I can even do a bra fitting party!
What are the future plans regarding your business?
My business has been growing organically with demand. I expect it to continue to grow as I add more brands and more sizes to my collection. There are thousands of sizing and style options out there just as there are so many different body types. I know I can't stock every size, but my goal is to have as much information as possible so that anyone who comes to my shop can find what they need. The truth is I am a little obsessed with bras! In the future, I’m planning to add swimwear too!
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