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About Me

Everyone has a personal style. Let me help yours shine.

I bring over 10 years of fashion industry expertise, now based in the vibrant city of Madrid. My journey began at the London College of Fashion, where I mastered personal styling and fashion buying. I'm passionate about helping start-ups and emerging designers shine on social media and build strong brands. Since 2018, I've been providing tailored styling advice, helping individuals choose outfits that highlight their personal style. Plus, I offer exclusive fashion tours in Madrid, showcasing the city's stylish secrets and trends.


Our Happy Clients

I recently had the pleasure of joining Victoria’s stylish tour in Madrid, and I must say it was a fantastic experience. As someone who is interested in local concept stores, I was thrilled to find a tour that catered to my interests, and Victoria did not disappoint.

From the moment we met, Victoria’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the local shopping scene were evident. She took us to several unique concept stores throughout Madrid, each with its own distinct style and character. I was impressed with her ability to provide insightful commentary on each store, including the designer’s inspiration, the materials used, and the target audience.

What I appreciated most about the tour was Victoria’s attention to detail. She had obviously done her research and curated the perfect selection of stores for us to visit. Each store we went to was filled with stylish and unique pieces that I would never have discovered on my own.

Throughout the tour, Victoria was friendly and approachable, and she was more than willing to answer any questions we had. She was also accommodating, allowing us to take our time browsing each store without feeling rushed.

Overall, I would highly recommend Victoria’s stylish tour in Madrid to anyone looking for an insider’s look at the local shopping scene. Her passion for fashion and her knowledge of the city’s concept stores make her an excellent host!

Anastasia Hubarevich, Belarus

What a unique experience in Madrid! Found Victoria through AirBnB. Were a little hesitant at first, but decided to try as my partner loves shopping. Turned out to be better than expected! Victoria is super attentive to your needs and knows her way around the city and its amazing shops. And on top of that, she is a very nice person that would tell you a lot about Spain’s fashion, food, drinks and much more. And of course, we ended up getting a few gems that my partner loved. Overall, highly recommend it!

Timothy Lobiak, Cyprus

Wiktoria was great at giving a shopping tour in Madrid with my budget in mind. She gave me advice on how to maximize what clothes I already have by enhancing them with a few more new pieces. Wiktoria is knowledgeable from vintage to high-end fashion in Madrid!

Richard Fisher, United States

During one of her trips to Madrid, I met Wiktoria and her passion for the world of fashion. I found her magazine fascinating, and how she reflects through her articles her particular point of view on the varied topics she writes about.
All this encouraged me to go on a shopping tour with her in Madrid. First we talked about my usual outfit, and what I wanted to change. She suggested several options, and we visited different shops to try out different combinations of clothes. Definitely, she gave me very good advice that I would never have thought of. Original experience and highly recommended.

Angel Seco, Spain

During one of my travels to Budapest, I attended a fashion tour organised by Wiktoria, and I had a fantastic experience! She not only showed me the unique boutiques of local designers and other fashion spots I would not find otherwise. She helped me find excellent clothing sets that reflect my style and look great on me. Wiktoria is professional, well-prepared, and super friendly. She did her best to make my tour productive and fun at the same time. I can’t wait to take another tour once I am back in Budapest!

Wioletta Dec, Poland

I am wordless honestly. I had many fashion tours in Australia and Italy befor, but this one is my favourite by far. Victoria is so fun and realy knows what she talks about. Never felt in so good hands before. Thank you very much for all the advice, the tour and the nice conversations.

Özkan Kompass, Germany

Last week I had the beautiful opportunity to have a fashion-lunch break with Wiktoria. We had so much fun searching for fall/winter outfits that would match my artsy personality, that I’m sure we’re going to repeat the experience for the warm season. I’ve also got a lot of new brands suggestions and tips and tricks how to style an outfit. Can’t wait for our next fashion tour!

Cristina Golovatic, Moldova

March 2016

I had fashion consultancy with Wiki and she is not only very professional (really, it was so fast and smooth) but also she is a lot of fun. Totally worth it.

Manuel F Contreras, Hungary

January 2017

With little time to shop in Budapest, it was helpful to have Wiktoria guide me to some interesting shops. We visited shops with vintage, second-hand, hand made, and boutique items. It was also helpful listening to Wiktoria’s honest opinion about pieces I tried on and whether or not an item was worth the ticket price. In the end, I came away with a well-made turtleneck, a second-hand top, a visit to interesting stores, and some helpful fashion tips by Wiktoria.

Gena, Azores Islands

March 2017

Such a fun way to spend an afternoon, shopping and chatting with Wiktoria. She picked an amazing collection of shops and picked out/styled many pieces that were great for me. I highly recommend this experience!

Bethany, USA

November 2016

This was a really fun experience, and I feel so good about the outfit Wiktoria helped me create. I’m a larger woman and I let Wiktoria know in advance and she found me the PERFECT boutique in my style with dresses in my size. It was a really fun way to shop and see more of the city.

Lindsay, USA

January 2017

What fun and unique to spend an afternoon in Budapest. A good introduction to the vintage, second hand and local shops while getting insider tips on local food, music, and sights. Wiktoria was able to tailor the tour and find lots of options for this plus-sized gal.

Heather, Canada

February 2017

I would like to leave my word of appreciation to Wiktoria here! As a professional working in Film Industry, I don’t have much time (and patience!) to search for clothes and come up with different combinations. I wanted to create some looks, which could be easily converted into dinner/drinks outfits in case I have to go out after work and have no time to jump home. Apart from the shopping session, Wiktoria has suggested brands and stores, which will be a good fit for me – that was truly helpful, as I either didn’t know them or would have never considered them previously, thus missing out! I will definitely return for further advice in the future, it was a fun and easygoing fashion tour – thank you!

Daria Dikalo, Hungary

December 2016

Viktoria is very experienced. She helped me selected clothes that are suitable for me. I am a small size girl. She took me to several shops and selected great clothes and accessories for me. Thanks!

Yaan Gao, China

November 2016
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